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Archive of V. Lebedeva

The tragedy of Drobytsky Yar was reported for the first time by a journalist from newspaper “Vecherniy Kharkov” Victoria Lebedeva in 1989. Archive contains both published and unpublished articles about Drobytsky Yar, readers’ correspondence, stories by the Righteous Among the Nations, eyewitness accounts by the saved ones. Reviews of books, works and studies indicate a high peer appreciation. Numerous eyewitness accounts of the Drobytsky Yar tragedy are cited, some of them are published for the first time. References for all the victims in the martyrology of Drobytsky Yar mentioned in the archive are now linked to the “Archive of V.Lebedeva”

Archive of P. Sokolsky

The main content of the archive consists of various documents and evidence, which formed the basis of the martyrology of Drobytsky Yar. These are memories of a few who managed to avoid death, who knew and remembered the dead - their neighbors, colleagues, and relatives. More than 500 people provided information about the victims of Drobytsky Yar, and are all listed on the website. When examining the archive of P. Sokolsky, new names of victims were established: more than 280 people were previously absent from the martyrology. References for all the victims in the martyrology of Drobytsky Yar mentioned in the archive are now linked to the “Archive of Sokolsky P.”

Davydov's family archive

This is a vast collection of photographs, documents, and newspaper and magazine clippings composed on the issues that in any way associate with the tragedy of the Drobitsky Yar; linked to the initiation of the project, to fundraising, to preparation and construction of the memorial complex. Materials collected in the archive are literary works and artistic creations dedicated to the Drobitsky Yar, polemical notes and eyewitness accounts with specific names. Now, victims identified in our website’s martyrology are also cross-referenced with the “Davydov’s Archives”.


Became available information about deceased members of some families (eg Davydov, Polnarev, Shvartz, Shais, Tunis, Traynen and many others)

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For each victim provides links to documents (records) from the Central Database of Shoah Victims' Names (Yad Vashem)

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Orphanage No. 2
Gubernatorskaya str. 3, Kharkov
List of orphanage pupils
Last name, first namePrevious address
1. Levit Lidiafrom creche No. 48
2. Dubinskaya Ninacame from Valki city
3. Kozulets Antoninafoundling
4. Lelyuk-Shal Anatolicame from Valki - orphan
5. Shevchenko Yuricame from Valki - orphan
6. Votkub Viktoriacame from the nursery
7. Dorokhina Tamaracame from the isolator
8. Sklyarov Mikhailorphan
9. Poltavskaya Viktorinacame from Valki city
10. Mironenko Kirillcame from Valki - orphan
11. Murmilo Yurithere is a mother - no address
12. Radchenko Vitalicame from Valki - orphan
13. Nensid Anatoly
14. Tishchenko Svetlanacame from Valki - orphan
15. Khtsinsky Viktororphan
16. Burtsev Viktorcame from Valki - orphan
17. Demchenko Aleksandrcame from near Kyiv
18. Zverev Ivancame from Valki - orphan
19. Knysheva Tamaracame from Valki - orphan
20. Kordash Anatolicame from Valki - orphan
21. Podkidysh Kolya
22. Krasnogradskaya Neonilacame from Valki - orphan
23. Fesenko Kolya
24. Martynenko Anatolicame from Valki - orphan
25. Kochura Galinacame from Valki - orphan
26. Zazerin Alekseycame from Valki - orphan
27. Zuev Garrikfoundling
28. Chirikova Olgacame from orphanage No. 1
29. Chizhova Valentinacame from Valki - orphan
30. Eduard Victor
31. Savelyeva Olgacame from Valki - orphan
32. Petrov Yuricame from Valki - orphan
33. Kaledin Vladimircame from Valki - orphan
34. Guzevataya Nadezhdacame from Valki - orphan
35. Butovich Svetlanacame from Valki - orphan
36. Bushueva Galya
37. Skorik Viktorcame from Valki - orphan
38. Petruk Svetlanacame from Valki - orphan
39. Kovalenko Aelitafrom creche
40. Zhura Viktorfoundling
41. Moskalev Vadimcame from the isolator
42. Podkuyko Anatolihave parents, no address
43. Rumyantsev Nikolaycame from the hospital
44. Omelchenko Raisafoundling
45. Sinyuta Valentinacame from orphanage No. 1
46. Romenskaya Ninacame from Lyubotin, came from the nursery
47. Trempolets Annacame from Valki - orphan
48. Leonova Tamaracame from the hospital
49. Kharchenko Nikolayorphan
50. Goncharenko Viktorfoundling
51. Antipova Yelenacame from the clinic
52. Kaminskaya Svetlana
53. Borscheva Lubovfoundling
54. Bogodukhovsky Vladimircame from orphanage No. 1
55. Pelikovsky Andreycame from orphanage No. 1
56. Gulyaeva Mariafoundling
57. Voloshin Yevgenithere are relatives - no address
58. Samarskaya Svetlanahave a mother
59. Semashko Slavafoundling
60. Sukharev Petrfoundling
61. Afonina Valentinafoundling
62. Petrov Igorby order of the City Council, orphan
63. Oliferov Boriscame from surgery at the children's clinic
64. Bondarenko Yelizavetafoundling
65. Zelenina Valentinathere is a mother - no address
66. Naydenov Mikhailfoundling
67. Radionov Anatolifoundling
68. Chirikova Valentinacame from orphanage No. 1
69. Kharchenko Vasilifoundling
70. Olkhovsky Boriscame from the evacuation point
71. Kamenev Petrfoundling
72. Babuk Mariafrom a hospital in Kharkov
73. Doroshenko Konstantincame from Valki - orphan
74. Doroshenko Konstantincame from Valki - orphan
75. Mayskiy Stanislavcame from Valki - orphan
76. Podkopay Annaorphan
77. Nesterenko Mariacame from the hospital
78. Lukyanova Mariahave a mother
79. Sushchenko Shurahave a mother
80. Snezhko Valentinahave a mother
81. Kuzmin Olegcame from orphanage No. 1
82. Kornilov Vitalicame from orphanage No. 1
83. Dudnik Vitalifoundling
84. Salo Valentinacame from Valki - orphan
85. Kovalenko Allacame from Valki - orphan
86. Maksimenko Tamaracame from Valki - orphan
87. Karakulenko Yulyacame from Valki - orphan
88. Filatov Viktorcame from Valki - orphan
89. Alexandrova Lyubacame from Valki - orphan
90. Nechitaylo Yuricame from Valki - orphan
91. Grechko Mikhailcame from Valki - orphan
92. Kolyuga Nikolaycame from Valki - orphan
93. Pilyugina Lyudmilafoundling
94. Rebriy Vladimirorphan
95. Bezkrovnyy Ivancame from the evacuation point
96. Kalinina Svetlanafoundling
97. Lyaboga Lidiyacame from Kegichevka
98. Peresechansky VladimirTelefonnaya st., 5, apt. 25
99. Pyshnenko Valentinaby order of the District Government
100. Badvora Nadezhdaorphan
101. Ishchenko Lidiyafoundling
102. Shchetinin Nikolayorphan
103. Bychkova Lyudmilaorphan
104. Chudnoy Nikolaycame from Valki - orphan
105. Bondar Lenyacame from Valki - orphan
106. Grechko Nikolaycame from Valki - orphan
107. Yanovskaya Lidiyacame from Valki - orphan
108. Klimenko Vitalicame from Valki - orphan
109. Danilova Valentinacame from Valki - orphan
110. Butovich Viktorcame from Valki - orphan
111. Degtyarev Vasilicame from Valki - orphan
112. Sytnik Ivancame from Valki - orphan
113. Ivanov Markuscame from Valki - orphan
114. Litvinenko Zinaidacame from Valki - orphan
115. Zakharov Nikolaycame from Valki - orphan
116. Nikolaev Zoyacame from the hospital - there is a mother, no address
List of deceased children
Last name, first nameYear of birthRemark