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Archive of V. Lebedeva

The tragedy of Drobytsky Yar was reported for the first time by a journalist from newspaper “Vecherniy Kharkov” Victoria Lebedeva in 1989. Archive contains both published and unpublished articles about Drobytsky Yar, readers’ correspondence, stories by the Righteous Among the Nations, eyewitness accounts by the saved ones. Reviews of books, works and studies indicate a high peer appreciation. Numerous eyewitness accounts of the Drobytsky Yar tragedy are cited, some of them are published for the first time. References for all the victims in the martyrology of Drobytsky Yar mentioned in the archive are now linked to the “Archive of V.Lebedeva”

Archive of P. Sokolsky

The main content of the archive consists of various documents and evidence, which formed the basis of the martyrology of Drobytsky Yar. These are memories of a few who managed to avoid death, who knew and remembered the dead - their neighbors, colleagues, and relatives. More than 500 people provided information about the victims of Drobytsky Yar, and are all listed on the website. When examining the archive of P. Sokolsky, new names of victims were established: more than 280 people were previously absent from the martyrology. References for all the victims in the martyrology of Drobytsky Yar mentioned in the archive are now linked to the “Archive of Sokolsky P.”

Davydov's family archive

This is a vast collection of photographs, documents, and newspaper and magazine clippings composed on the issues that in any way associate with the tragedy of the Drobitsky Yar; linked to the initiation of the project, to fundraising, to preparation and construction of the memorial complex. Materials collected in the archive are literary works and artistic creations dedicated to the Drobitsky Yar, polemical notes and eyewitness accounts with specific names. Now, victims identified in our website’s martyrology are also cross-referenced with the “Davydov’s Archives”.


Became available information about deceased members of some families (eg Davydov, Polnarev, Shvartz, Shais, Tunis, Traynen and many others)

Unknown Documents

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For each victim provides links to documents (records) from the Central Database of Shoah Victims' Names (Yad Vashem)

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11.14.1941Head of the Kharkov City Council Memo
12.05.1941Kharkov City Council announcement on the registration of entire population of the city of Kharkov
12.27.1941Consolidated Registry of Population of the 10th district of city of Kharkov
12.29.1941Information from the head of the housing department of the second district of Kharkov into housing department of the Kharkiv City Council from 12/29/1941
12.29.1941Report by Regional Superintendent 11th residential district
12.29.1941Report on the number of kikes evicted from district 13 and the number of vacated rooms
12.29.1941Report by burghermaster 16 district c. Kharkov
01.05.1942Report on Yakubovich Raisa Nikolaevna
01.06.1942Order of the head of the arts subdivision of the Kharkov City Council on art institutions of city of Kharkov
01.12.1942The list of 15th district apartments vacated by Zhids
01.17.1942Report from the burgomaster of Kharkov on the results of the population census in December 1941
02.02.1942Lists of deceased children of the orphanage No. 2 for 01.31.1942 and 02.02.1942
09.1943List of persons shot by the Germans within building maintenance office # 603, city of Kharkov
09.1943Inventory of passports found in the pockets in the clothing during forensic post-mortem examination of corpses of the victims shot by Nazi
09.1943List of Soviet citizens in Kaganovich District of Kharkov killed during the temporary occupation of Kharkov by German invaders and their accomplices
12.23.1943The district commission act on the execution of Mrs. Khlebnikova P.L.
02.27.1944Act # 1 regarding tenants of the maintenance company # 134 arrested and disappeared during the occupation of the city of Kharkov
05.12.1944The district commission act on the execution of Mrs. Izraileva
05.12.1944The district commission act on the execution of Mrs. Kotok


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